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The Nitty-Gritty

We make premier dental software for large dental organizations with over 88% of North American Dental Universities using our products.


Lots of technology professionals go their entire careers without working on a large application like ours that is also beneficial to society. Each day our products and services touch thousands of dental professionals and impact thousands of patients.


In a nutshell, we make a positive impact on society and we're pretty proud of it.

Our Framework

Ladies - 48%

Gentlemen - 52%

Average Years of Service - 8

Number of Emails Sent & Received Daily - 1,048

Pieces of Free Fruit Provided Monthly - 300

Exan Perks

  • Healthy Environment

    • Free hot beverages

    • Monthly company BBQs

    • Social events

    • Free Parking

    • Annual on-site health


    • Flu shots

    • Health care package

    • Dental care package

    • Vision care package

    • Staff education plan

    • RRSP matching program

    • Prescription drug program

    • Life insurance coverage

    • Emergency medical travel


    • Short term and long term


    • Paid leave for emergency absence

    • Carpool and transit incentives

  • Worklife Fit

    • Flexible office hours

    • Consolidated working hours

    • Industry standard vacation packages

    • We want to achieve the right fit between your personal life and your work life

  • Going Green and Giving Back

    • Committed to leaving your car at home? Exan reimburses 50% of monthly transit passes

    • Want to join an Exan car pool team? Carpool drivers receive weekly fuel accounts

    • Raising money for a not-for-profit cause? Exan will match dollar for dollar

    • Want to join a not-for-profit event like the Sun Run? Exan will cover the registration fee

    • Passionate about going green? Exan has an in-house recycling and composting program


Work will always be work but here at Exan we like to have a little fun. We've put our heads together to come up with some numbers for your enjoyment.


Please Note: Foodiness is strongly encouraged here. If you've got it, bring it, if you bring it, share it... feed the family.

Cups of (free) Coffee consumed on a daily basis


Monthly opportunities to stuff your face


Staff who 'claim' they're going on a diet next month


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